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The car error lights and the significance of the lights on the tuple panel

The car error lights and the significance of the lights on the tuple panel

All current car models have error lights on the lot code table. Each time the alarm is turned off, the symbol has its own meaning and function. It is typically divided into a danger, damage warning and normal groups with different colors. Of course, figuring out all the car mistake lights is not easy.

Whether you are a beginner in driving a car or have many years of experience, it is unclear whether you understand the error symbol on the dashboard. Above all not a lot of people know the total number of error lights on cars.


Understanding the correct meaning of each erroneous light symbol is very important for motorists. Help the driver maintain safety and quickly identify signs of damage to the vehicle so that it can be repaired in a timely manner.

Total number of mistake lights on cars.

The symbols and lights on the car’s instrument panel have the effect of warning the vehicle’s operating condition to provide information to the driver. In a survey of more than 2,000 British drivers conducted by the Britannia Rescue Group, 98% did not fully understand the significance of blackout lights on cars. Wherein, up to 52% of drivers do understand the direction of half the error light on the car.

Total number of mistake lights on cars.
64 symbols of error lights on cars have different meanings

Therefore, Britannia Rescue Corporation has synthesized 64 different light symbols from the dashboard that are commonly found on popular car brands. This is to help drivers understand the significance of car warning lights to quickly fix or be careful when running on the road.

Currently, there is a total of 64 common error light symbols on the dashboard of all car manufacturers. But only 12/64 symbols appear regularly and the car models in Viet Nam are also among them. On average, Vietnam-based models will have 9 to 12 common car error warning lights.

Total number of mistake lights on cars.
Total number of mistake lights on cars.

What is the reason why many drivers do not understand the full warning light on the instrument panel, even if it is very important? Subjectively or objectively, drivers of vehicles who do not completely understand traffic signals are a common occurrence.

On one side, there are 64 different alarm symbols. Next is the lack of uniformity in the position and sign of car manufacturers. You will see many cases of a car model of the same make and brand, but still different in error lights when distributed to each region.

That is why the problem that Vietnamese people do not understand all 64 signs of car error is understandable. Especially for car models manufactured in foreign markets such as the US or Europe and imported CBU to Vietnam.

When does the error light appear on the car?

The reasons for the appearance of warning lights on cars are quite diverse. Usually due to the repair process. Specifically, when the car mechanic removed and reinstalled the sensors, but forgot to delete the lights. Although that sensor is not damaged, when removed, it is like the company’s safety warning. If the light is not cleared, the sensor may not work properly in the long run.

Another common cause of an error light appearing on a vehicle is a faulty part. This is a warning that it is time for you to check that part immediately to reduce the risk of it happening.

A tip for car drivers is to rely on the color of the error light to identify. If any of the lights are red, check the car immediately because it could be a fault that endangers the driver. A blue or green indicator light means the system is operating normally. If the indicator light is orange or yellow, you need to contact the service center or repair center to check.

In case of detecting an error light on the dashboard, you need to stay calm because this is only a warning, not an immediate danger. However, in the long run, the car will have many great risks and higher repair costs. So you need to fix it soon. Currently, many new models of cars are not easy to clear error codes. It is important to use specialized diagnostic equipment to clear errors for safety.

The meaning of 64 error light symbols on the instrument panel

The group of red error symbols located on the instrument panel means danger warning lights. The number of the lights will be from 1 to 12. Specifically:

Light 1 Hand-brake warning: The vehicle’s hand-brake may be pulling up while on the accelerator. Therefore, the driver needs to quickly check the hand-brake. Or the best way is to bring it to a repair place to have it checked.
Light 2 Temperature warning: Engine temperature is higher than allowed. The driver needs to quickly check the temperature system. In case the car has driven a few kilometers, but the light is still on, it must be checked quickly. Because the car may have problems leading to more fuel consumption of the engine.
Light 3 Low oil pressure warning: Possibility of low oil, damaged oil pump or clogged pipeline. In addition, it is possible that the oil you are using is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The best way is to stop the car to check the oil you are using. Or you need to pay attention to the lack of oil that will cause the engine to get stuck, the unlubricated parts will damage the engine.
Light 4 Warning electric power steering: The power steering system may be faulty, resulting in a hard steering wheel that makes it difficult for the driver. You need to re-align the power steering sensor or replace it with a new one depending on the condition of the vehicle. The best way is to check if the steering wheel is misaligned and difficult to control.
Light 5 Airbag warning: Airbag malfunction or multiple bags manually disabled. You need to bring the car to a reputable center for inspection.
Light 6 Battery failure warning, alternator: The battery is not charged or charged incorrectly. This error usually appears when the engine is off. You just need to check and charge the battery properly.
Lights 7 Steering wheel lock indicator: The steering wheel is locked because when you turn off the engine you forgot to return it to N or P.
Light 8 Indicates the ignition switch is on: The car’s electric lock is in the locked state. So you just need to open the ignition switch again.
Light 9 Unfastened seat belt indicator: The light indicates that you are not or have at least 1 seat belt unfastened. You just need to double-check your seat belts.
Light 10 Door open indicator: One or more vehicle doors are not closed. You should check and close all car doors.
Light 11 Open bonnet indicator: It means that the bonnet is open and has not been closed properly.
Light 12 Open trunk indicator: The trunk of the vehicle has not been properly closed. You need to check and close the trunk.

The yellow group of error symbols located on the dashboard means warning of damage that needs repair.

Light 13 Exhaust Engine Warning: There is a problem with the vehicle’s engine when the emissions are higher than the standard. You need to bring the car to the nearest center for inspection.
Light 14 Diesel particulate filter warning: Vehicle emissions are higher than standard due to a problem with the diesel particulate filter.
Light 15 Automatic windshield wiper indicator: The vehicle’s automatic windshield wiper may be faulty. You just need to check the lever again.
Light 16 Spark plug/diesel heating indicator: Oil heating spark plugs will help the car start easily, especially when it’s cold. You need to wait for the lights to go out before starting the car.
Light 17 Low oil pressure indicator.
Light 18 Anti-lock brake warning: The wheel sensor detects that the ABS system is not working properly. So you need to take the car to check.
Light 19 Electronic leveling system shutdown warning: The electronic leveling system is active. When running on slippery roads, it will help the car balance and increase traction. If you don’t like this function, you can turn it off. However, for normal drivers, it should not be turned off.
Light 20 Low Tire Pressure Indicator: One or more tires are underinflated so the pressure is not enough. You need to check and inflate to the correct pressure.
Light 21 Rain sensor warning: There is a high possibility that the rain sensor is faulty, so you need to take the car to check.
Light 22 Brake Pads Warning: The brake pads on one of the wheels are excessively worn, so check it out immediately to make sure it’s safe.
Light 23 Rear window defrost indicator: In cold countries, the rear window warning light shows a lot of ice. So you need to defrost.
Light 24 Automatic transmission error warning: The automatic transmission may be faulty, so you need to call an ambulance to have the vehicle checked immediately. Never continue driving if this light is on.
Light 25 Suspension failure warning.
Light 26 Shock Absorber.
Light 27 Rear spoiler warning.
Lamp 28 Exterior lamp error.
Light 29 Brake light warning.
Light 30 Rain and light sensor alarm.
Lamp 31. Headlight brightness adjustment indicator.
Light 32 Indicates adaptive lighting.
Light 33 Faulty tow hook light.
Light 34 Convertible roof warning.
Light 35 Indicates the key is not in the lock.
Light 36 Lane change warning.
Light 37 Pressing the clutch pedal.
Light 38 Low level glass washer warning.
Lamp 39 Rear fog light indicator.
Lamp 40 Front fog light indicator.
Light 43 Indicates low fuel.
Light 44 Turn signal.
Light 47 Frost warning.
Light 51 Indicator light information.
Light 55 Indicates the vehicle needs maintenance.
Light 56 ​​Indicates water in the fuel filter.
Light 57 Airbag system shutdown indicator.
Light 61 Indicates fuel-saving driving mode.
Light 62 Turns on the downhill assist system.
Lamp 63 Fuel filter failure warning.
Light 64 Speed ​​limit indicator.
Group of blue light symbols located on the dashboard

Blue and white signal lights indicate the vehicle’s operating status

Light 41 The cruise control is on.
Light 42 Indicates that the brake pedal is pressed.
Light 59 Cos light on.
Light 45 Indicates winter driving mode.
Light 46 Information alert.
Light 50 Headlight on warning.
Light 54 Parking assist indicator.
Light 58 Warning vehicle is in trouble.
Light 60 Indicates that the air filter is dirty.

The blue, green, and white lights are mostly signaling, not warning. Therefore, when you encounter this group of colored lights, you can safely continue to operate the car.

Each symbol and error light on the instrument panel has a different meaning. It could be a warning of danger, damage or the working condition of vehicle components. Simply put, the error light on the car provides a lot of useful information to the driver. Therefore, understanding the meaning of error lights is important for car drivers.

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